Morning Bus Stop Hit and Run Emphasizes Need for Driver Caution

Student received minor injuries after
driver failed to stop for bus

"Greensboro, N.C. – A hit and run at a bus stop this morning is an unfortunate reminder that even with additional precautions to keep students safe, drivers still need to use caution around school buses.

This morning, the Greensboro Police Department was called to investigate an alleged hit and run involving a car that drove up on the sidewalk in order to avoid two cars that had stopped for a Guilford County Schools bus. The bus, serving Smith High, was picking up three students waiting near Creek Ridge Road and Teague Street just before 8:30 a.m. The car brushed up against one of the students who received minor injuries.

“We are grateful our student will be okay, but this could have been so much worse,” says Jeff Harris, director of transportation for Guilford County Schools. “Drivers need to be more careful, be vigilant and stop for buses. The stop arm was up, and our driver didn’t even have time to use the new hand signals designed for student safety before this driver went up onto the sidewalk.”

The hand signals officially went into effect around the state on Jan. 1. A driver holds a palm out to stop students, and when the driver gives them the thumbs up it means the student should look both ways and step into the road. The driver will then point in the direction the student should cross.

The car, described as a silver Hyundai Elentra with New Jersey tags, fled the scene.

“We are also thankful that no one was injured,” said Sgt. B. E. Davis, Traffic Safety Supervisor with the Greensboro Police Department. “However, this near-miss serves as warning to drivers that they must be 100 percent attentive while operating a motor vehicle—especially in heavy traffic and when pedestrians are present. Police and school officials are doing their parts to keep the roadways safe. Drivers’ must do their part, as well.”

Harris and an officer from the Greensboro Police Department will be available to discuss bus stop safety, and this morning’s incident at the GCS bus lot located at 131 Franklin Blvd., Greensboro at 1:45 p.m.

The minimum fine for passing a stopped school bus is $500, not including court costs, and points on your license."

- Press Release

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