2015 UWGG Campaign Concludes : New United Way Community Impact Model Attracts Supporters Contributing $10.4 Million

"Greensboro, NC (April 29, 2016) – United Way of Greater Greensboro is proud to announce over 13,000 caring people contributed a total of $10,400,000 to advance United Way’s new approach for leading local solutions addressing poverty.

“Poverty can devastate a community not focused on local solutions. It not only impacts the poor and those in need, but also negatively impacts business development and growth, crime rates and our education and health systems. Our community cannot thrive if poverty rates continue to increase,” says Michelle Gethers-Clark, President and CEO of United Way of Greater Greensboro.

United Way solutions bring together dynamic and caring professionals who teach, coach, inspire and care about the 57,000 people in greater Greensboro struggling to obtain basic needs. Results from this new model are proving people are achieving financial independence, becoming part of the local workforce, families are healthier and children are in quality child development centers and learning in school.

“The message is clear, people want to solve complex issues like poverty with strategies that are local, logical and measurable. Our new model is attractive because it is both efficient and effective,” says Gethers-Clark.

For every dollar invested, United Way of Greater Greensboro generates $1.82 in value that empowers children, adults and families to overcome and avoid barriers.

Community contributions exceeded last year. United Way is continuing its focused effort on large strategic grants much like the $750,000 one time gift received in 2014, from the Phillips Foundation. While a strategic grant was not obtained during the 2015 campaign, overall giving was up in several areas including Tocqueville Society, Corporate employee giving and Leadership segments. 

“This year’s takeaway is that our community remains full of people who choose to support innovative and collaborative solutions, and that’s what United Way does best – we pull people together to create solutions that have the most sustainable impact,” says Jason Bohrer, 2015-16 Campaign Chair."

- A Press Release

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