Chelsea Moore is having fun at a stadium during
her stay in Nicosia, Cyprus, an island
in the Mediterranean.
"GREENSBORO, NC —  This semester Bennett College has five students that are studying abroad in countries such as Nicosia, Cyprus; London, England; and Zanzibar, Tanzania. These students say that they have been able to gain insight into their passion, develop a greater appreciation of other cultures and begin the effort to build an international network for future.

Olivia Leaven is in her junior year at Bennett and is paying for her study abroad expenses as a Robert Kantor Scholar.  She is enrolled in the School for International Training (SIT)  Study Abroad Program in Tanzania, conducting research with a focus on costal ecology, natural resource management, and sustainable development.

The biology major and international affairs minor, wants to help indigenous groups grow healthy crops that will ultimately result in reduced incidents of diabetes and high blood pressure.  She said she wants to create and manage a non-governmental organization that acts as an ombudsman between indigenous and underrepresented communities encouraging self-sufficiency. 

Leaven is passionate about making sure underrepresented communities have healthy foods.   As a student, she is currently working on establishing SanKofa Sprouts in Greensboro. Sankofa is a word in the Akan language of Ghana that translates as “reach back and get it.”

“SIT is like a beacon of light that directs me to my goals,” said Leaven.
Chelsea Moore is a junior, journalism and media studies major from Nashville, Tennessee who is studying in Nicosia, Cyprus, an island in the Mediterranean. Moore says, her experience thus far has been life changing. "I've grown in so many aspects and I can now say I'm able to adapt anywhere!" 
Students often wonder are they allowed to travel to other countries while studying abroad. 
"What I'm enjoying most about my time here in Europe is the ability to travel to various countries inexpensively."

Jaiza Wesley is a junior, psychology major- sociology minor from Olympia, Washington, who is studying in Nicosia, Cyprus, the largest city on the island of Cyprus, a part of the European Union. Her favorite course that she is taking at the University of Nicosia is “Culture and Psychology” where she is learning how important it is to take into consideration people’s culture, not only when counseling, but in everyday life.

Joy Angbo, a business major from Brooklyn, is shown
here in Nicosia, Cyprus.  She is there as part of a
Bennett College Study Abroad Program.
Wesley says, “I recommend studying abroad to all students, this experience has changed my perspective on how to view the world. I believe it is important to meet and interact with people of different cultures. Take advantage of the opportunity!”

Often times, students want to study abroad, but don’t know where to start. Every semester there is an Academic Cultural Enrichment Series (ACES) program available to all students at Bennett College where study abroad students share their travel experiences.

Ms. Lee Todhunter, Interim Director, for the Center for Global Studies, said, “The only restrictions for students wishing to study abroad is that they cannot be freshwoman or in their final semester of studies. In addition, a minimum GPA of 2.5 is required, although some programs require higher, and students must be in good academic standing.”

The Center for Global Studies is created to help students who have inquiries about studying abroad, where to start and how to apply.

Todhunter said, “The center for Global Studies has also made an effort to partner with those who provide cost effective programs that match Bennett’s cost of attendance, including programs to countries such as Cyprus and Costa Rica and to help students identify a program that offers courses they can take for credit and one that they can also afford.”

Joy Angbo, a junior business administration major and management minor from Brooklyn, New York, is also studying at University of Nicosia. She is enjoying the course she is taking in Corporate Finance where she is learning how to make investments. This experience is an eye-opener for Angbo, since it is her first time being out of the country for an extended period of time.

“I can’t wait to be back at Bennett to share with my Bennett sisters my full story of this beautiful opportunity,” said Angbo.

Kiara Mills, junior journalism and media studies major from Willingboro, New Jersey, is currently studying at London South Bank University in London, England. The program has provided her with insight on how people in different parts of the world experience an education. She is taking Professional Writing; and Cultural Memory, and American Cinema courses."

- A Press Release

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