City of Greensboro Announces Partnership with Mobile App Waze

"GREENSBORO, NC (September 14, 2016) – The City of Greensboro announced a data-sharing partnership with Waze, a free, real-time traffic and navigation app owned by Google. Through the Waze Connected Citizens Program, the City can publish data from multiple departments that Waze can integrate, including road closures, construction and special events so drivers can find alternative routes, helping ease congestion within city limits.

“Partnering with Waze is an example of how the City of Greensboro is committed to using open data and new technology to provide greater services for our residents in very tangible ways,” said Jane Nickles, director of the City’s Information Technology Department. “This is a collective effort between multiple City departments to make local government more efficient and effective.”  

Established as a two-way data share, Waze provides partners with real-time, anonymous incident and slow-down information directly from participating drivers. The City will be able to provide Waze users with advanced notice of major traffic events, such as concerts, festivals and special events that may affect their daily commutes.

“The partnership with Waze and the City of Greensboro will disseminate more up-to-date traffic information to the public, so that safer and more reliable transportation choices can be made by drivers who need to move around Greensboro,” said Adam Fischer, director of the City’s Transportation Department.

According to Waze, there are more than 62,000 monthly active Waze users in Greensboro who drive nearly 17 million miles with the app each month. The Greensboro metro area was also found to have the most overall satisfying driving experience in the US, according to the 2016 Waze Driver Satisfaction Index released Tuesday, September 13.

The Waze app is available for download for IOS and Android at ."

- A Press Release

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