Police detention of Occupy Greensboro participant continues to unfold

by Eric Ginsburg. Photo by Alexandria Stewart

As YES! Weekly reported in this week's issue, Occupy Greensboro participant Zack Sadeq said Greensboro police Officer Muldowney stopped him last week while he was walking back to the camp in the YWCA parking lot after following him as he walked to Jimmy Johns. Sadeq said Muldowney questioned him about his participation with Occupy Greensboro as well as his Che Guevara t-shirt.

After being detained and then being told he was free to leave, Sadeq said he asked the officer why he had been stopped and that Muldowney replied that Sadeq fit the description of a suspect in connection to a string of auto larcenies in the downtown area.

Sadeq, shown in the photo above, looks distinct, raising questions about what exactly the police profile for the larcenies entailed.

The record of reported incidents on the police website for the days preceding Sadeq's detention confirm that there were indeed a number of auto larcenies in the downtown area, but no suspect description was provided. Susan Danielson, a public information officer with the police department, confirmed the larcenies, but said there is no profile of the suspect or suspects and that the department asks anyone with information to contact them.

Officer Muldowney could not be reached to comment.

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