An early voting story

I voted early last week, and as I waited for my roommate — who was registering to vote so he could vote against "Amendment One" — a couple came in with their 3-year old son. Upon seeing everyone in the room, he was intimidated like most 3-year olds would be and turned around, clinging to his mother's leg. 

A poll worker, who clearly had experience with children, knew exactly what to do. She offered him an "I voted early" sticker, and when he showed delight, presented him with another. He stood on a chair in excitement, looking confidently out over the room.

Now that the tot was ready to go, his mothers — yes, mothers — gave their information to the poll workers and explained that they were there to vote as a family. As each of them stood in front of the electronic voting machine, they told their son which buttons to push for them, telling him that they were going to vote for their family by voting against the marriage amendment. One of them took a picture of him on her phone, saying they wanted to remember his first time voting.

Watching the family was an unexpected reminder, albeit unneeded, of just one of the reasons we were there to vote against "Amendment One." 

In case you haven't voted yet, this is your friendly reminder that polls are open until 7:30 p.m., and if you don't know your polling place you can look it up on the election board's website. 

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