Video of Jodie Brunstetter discussing "Caucasian" comment in reference to marriage amendment

Video from the Brunstetter marriage amendment flap recorded by Chad Nance

The Brunstetters responds via the Winston-Salem Journal.



George said...

How many times did this moron masquerarding as a reporter repeat the question to the seated A-1 lady? Talk about trying to put words in someone's mouth:

"You didn't say that this was about preserving the caucaian race." Take that guy's mike and camera away from him before he commits more journalistic malpractice . What a jerk BADDDDD !!!

Peregrin Hill said...

It is obviously staged and a set up*.

So what's your opinion? Is fabricating racism ever a good thing, even if it is done to support a political position that is the right one? Does it work, and is it proper?

This might make a good political science paper. :-)

*If it is true, they need to really work on avoiding that aura of it being staged! Ha! It is literally screaming it.

Jordan Green said...

This is not staged. The woman in the video is Jodie Brunstetter responding to questions about remarks attributed to her by poll workers outside the Forsyth County Government Center. Read the Journal article: She never denies speaking to Nance.

Peregrin Hill said...

It's the racism that appears fabricated --I perceive a set up. I'm not arguing whether or not she talked with Nance.

We might have true racism here, but I will need more than this video to be convinced as to what really happened. The video could have persuaded me had it not had such a strong taste of being staged and biased. Impressions (mine, I mean) are not always accurate, however.

My question is a good one, however, and can be unrelated to this case: Is it ever OK to fabricate racism? We do have solid proof that this has happened in other cases, so I would be interested in a discussion of it.

Talking about appearance, let me mention a bit more about myself, so you know that I am not a troll: My opinion is that the state should not have any restrictions on official domestic partnerships at all, except for age and incest. These two, for very good reason(s), should be restricted. I go a bit further than some: I think group unions also should be recognized, though I am not personally in favor of them, myself. I'm a Libertarian on this issue, and in general, though only a moderate one on economic issues.

In conclusion, "Against" has good arguments so we do not need this to distract us. But it is fun to talk about.

Jordan Green said...

I suppose Jodie Brunstetter's comments are open to interpretation consideration that she has chosen not to clarify herself.

No, I don't think it's every okay to fabricate racism to justify any end.

Thanks for your comments.