PHOTOS: Read document referenced in cover story

Here is the email from Officer Eddy Summers and the response (at the top) from William Hill regarding James Paschal Jr.'s death referenced in the "Twin Tragedies" cover story this week. There is some information in the email that isn't relevant to the case (I don't know who Mr. Thompson is), but overall it was the most relevant email from a public information request I filed for the story. The two images are of the same email, but it ran onto the second page. A paragraph is repeated because of how I copied the document (to show they are the same email) and isn't repeated in the email itself.

Note that the email was sent a few days after then-Cpl. Chris Schultheis shot Paschal. It is interesting to note that Summers says Paschal jumped on two officers on March 19. Paschal was on parole, and I am surprised that wouldn't qualify as a violation of his parole.

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