Web exclusive coverage of High Point City Council election

My coverage of the ward races for High Point City Council is now posted (link) on our home page. Unfortunately, we don't have room for it in our print publication, amidst the crunch of other election stories and the relentless grind of real life, that is stories that are important, but unrelated to any election contest.

But for the 100,000 or so people who live in High Point, this election is incredibly important. At the very least the election represents a turnover of three out of nine seats. Among political newcomers there's significant discontent about a series of tax and utility rate increases and the city's frustrating inability to turn its economy around.

We've also written about the mayoral and at-large races for High Point City Council. You can read about those races here (link).

As always, all of our election coverage is archived at Triad Elections '12 (link), our online voter guide. Speaking of which, early voting begins next week, so it's not too early to educate yourself on the candidates who will appear on your ballot.

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