Hoffmann: Lower the noise ordinance threshold

According to this city document, which "Greensboro Citizens Against Proposed Noise Ordinance" posted on Facebook an hour ago, District 4 City Councilwoman Nancy Hoffmann is pushing for a stricter noise ordinance in mixed use areas. 

Hoffmann's proposal, according to the document, is to reduce the decibel threshold from 75 to 65 after 11 p.m. in mixed use areas. When the noise ordinance was brought up early last year it was met with fierce community opposition, and Hoffmann was one of several council members who was more willing to meet with ordinance opponents. 

The Greensboro City Council agenda item is listed for council's meeting on Tuesday (Jan. 15). The noise ordinance impacts the entire city, but a YES! Weekly public information request revealed that the source of the issue was developer Roy Carroll and his complaints about Greene Street Club downtown. The ordinance changes were originally brought forward by Mayor Robbie Perkins, who lives in Carroll's Center Pointe condos downtown.

 Club owners have recently been frustrated by attempts to create an entertainment security ordinance that they say would unfairly target clubs that did not have histories of security issues or problems with violence. A three member council subcommittee, spearheaded by District 3 Councilman Zack Matheny is looking into the security ordinance. The noise ordinance has mostly been off the public radar since the summer. 

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