Occupy Greensboro to discuss police surveillance

Occupy Greensboro is calling for a "general assembly" meeting to discuss "police surveillance and Greensboro official actions against peaceful protest." The meeting will start will public interest lawyer Lewis Pitts' statement at the last Greensboro City Council meeting "about suspected police forgeries of city council emails," according to an announcement sent out over the Peace & Justice Network listserve. The general assembly meeting will be held March 24 from 4 - 6 p.m. at Glenwood Coffee & Books (1310 Glenwood Street). 

It's been a month and a half since my cover story on police surveillance of activists in Greensboro, which led to several follow up articles in subsequent weeks. We don't normally link to other news sources (and we did practically all of the reporting on this issue) but Joe Gamm at the News & Record had an interesting blog post about surveillance soon after.  If anyone is interested in Pitts' comments to council, watch the Feb. 19 video here (during the speakers from the floor portion towards the beginning). 

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fecundstench said...

Pitts is actually seen at 34 minutes into the March 5th meeting. I'm amazed so many people think the GPD could see into the future when they hacked her emails. Of course, without your help, their diabolical plan might never have come to fruition.