PHOTOS: Greensboro contingent joins Moral Mondays

 Here are a few photos from the protests at the NC General Assembly on Monday. Full coverage coming in Wednesday's issue of YES! Weekly.
Inside the building

Part of the Greensboro contingent

New Creation Community Church Pastor Frank Dew (in blue), before he was arrested for civil disobedience. 

A few Greensboro residents came to support and witness the civil disobedience

Rev. Nelson Johnson, left, and retired Bishop Chip Marble, right (both of Greensboro), talked to NAACP organizer Rob Stephens near the protests.

Rep. Pricey Harrison (D- Guilford County), flashed a thumbs-up, took photos and watched the protest before crossing the street to talk to participants (here with her hands on her hips).

Additional photos:

Demonstrators entering the building in pairs
Frank Dew, left, watches an arrest and waits his turn. 
Waiting for jailed protesters to be transported in buses (in the background)

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