No controversy expected from Guilford County Board of Elections

Local Republican-controlled election boards across North Carolina — especially in Elizabeth City, Watauga County and even right in Forsyth County — are being watched closely due to attempts to alter or limit access to voting. But in Guilford County, there's no gawking press or outraged public, just a quiet, calm meeting in a large room at the old county courthouse. As the three-member board met last week, with lone Democrat Dot Kearns participating on speakerphone, the biggest "controversy" was whether to reappoint a long-serving Democratic chief precinct judge who said he was unsure he wanted to continue in the position.

[Republican board members Don Wendelken and Kathryn Lindley voted not to reappoint him but to continue discussing the issue with him in case he decided to keep serving. Kearns said he should be appointed and could choose to step down instead.]

L to R: Don Wendelken, who ran unsuccessfully for county commissioner last year, Board Chair Kathryn Lindley and Elections Director Charlie Collicutt last week.

As the board aimed to appoint judges and chief judges for precincts throughout the county, the main problem arose from previous appointees declining to serve and both the local Republican and Democratic parties failing to provide a sufficient list of names to fill all of the vacancies. In several instances at the board's meeting last week, the three members elected to take no action. 

We'll continue to watch the Forsyth and Guilford County Election Boards, but at least for now, all's quiet on the eastern front (of our coverage area, that is).

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