Sal Leone: "I ask for stuff I don't need"

Just in case Greensboro city staffers are already over their case of the Mondays (or are excited about a Tuesday off from city council meetings) here's a gem from Sal Leone that might make their head spin.

This didn't fit into our District 5 city council election article coming out tomorrow for a few reasons (namely because of space), but it still merits publication.

In his candidate interview last week, Leone brought up the issue of public-information requests and said: "I ask for stuff I don't need just to keep them working."

Leone, who will face Tony Wilkins and Alex Seymour in the Oct. 8 primary race, added that he did it to keep people guessing about what he was up to on his campaign.

On Aug. 2, we reported that Leone had 13 open information requests with the city. For example, here's an excerpt from a staff report about open public-information requests:

The list is included in the city's weekly "Items For Your Information" report in part because the city struggles to keep up with the massive amount and size of requests from people (myself included). 

Leone ran at-large for Greensboro City Council in 2011. Read more about Leone's candid candidacy, Seymour and Wilkins in tomorrow's YES! Weekly.

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Roch Smith, Jr said...

Have you ever asked why everybody who asks for information from the city isn't included in the list published in the IFYI? Like our elected representatives, for example?

As you are probably aware, and as seems to be indicated by your use oaf a six-week old example of information that comes out weekly, Sal was "masking" his records requests at a time when the City Manager was publishing the records requests of challenging candidates but not incumbents. Rather than publish the requests of both, she has taken to publishing neither.

I think you've really missed what's important here.