Rhino Times to return before city council primary

After a 5-month hiatus, the Rhino Times will return on Oct. 3, according to the paper's Twitter account.

With a new office a few blocks away from its old downtown location and new ownership, the Rhino Times plans to print its first issue since announcing its closing at the end of April the Thursday before the Greensboro City Council primary election.

A screenshot from the paper's Twitter page

We heard a rumor last week that there would be two issues before the primary, but that appears to have either changed or have been inaccurate. 

There's a lot to speculate about regarding potential conflicts between developer Roy Carroll, who bought the paper, and Editor John Hammer. Carroll is tied into plenty of issues a solid, local paper would need to cover: He said he's planning to build a hotel downtown, donated to the  planned Tanger Center for the Performing Arts downtown, pushed strongly for a stricter noise ordinance and has received money from the city in the past. Carroll's positions may clash with Hammer's explicitly conservative editorial stance (which regularly co-mingles with his news coverage). 

Maybe it's convenient, then, that the latest round of noise ordinance revisions is on track for approval Tuesday before the Rhino puts out its first new issue.

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Billy Jones said...

Yes, but the Greensboro Free Press hits news stands on the 25th of this month. Roy just threw his money away.