High Point Convention & Visitors Bureau Enhances Preferred Member Program

Members Can Now Come from Outside City Limits and from Additional Areas of Service

The High Point Convention & Visitors Bureau(CVB) is enhancing its Preferred Food & Beverage Program by now offering inclusion to establishments outside the city limits and to additional service providers, including hotels, points of interest and furniture stores. The program will now be known as the Preferred Member Program.

The High Point CVB developed this program two years ago.  Since then, 27 High Point restaurants within the city limits have become certified by the High Point CVB as a Preferred Food and Beverage Member.  

Approximately 150,000 visitors come to High Point annually to attend the High Point Market, held each April and October. Another 75,000 additional visitors come to furniture shop or attend other functions in High Point throughout the year. These events include conventions, trade shows and other prestigious events. Visitors who attend these events are typically high-profile individuals who come with a great deal of discretionary dollars to spend in the community. These dollars are particularly important to the local economy and provide critical support to area hotels, restaurants, caterers and other businesses. It is important to understand that these visitors have a high level of expectation regarding receiving quality service. This is true of any experience they may have, whether it is at a hotel establishment, restaurant, catering event or any other service provider.

The High Point CVB has a plan to increase the number of events such as trade shows, sports tournaments and conventions held each year in the city. The objective is to attract 300,000 visitors annually to attend convention-type events.

To achieve this objective the High Point CVB will focus on a strategy using the following two-fold approach:

·         Partner with High Point and other regional service providers to ensure that High Point is a destination that meets the high expectations of quality and service of our visitors.
·       Aggressively market and sell High Point as a great choice for a convention destination to groups planning future trade shows, conventions and sporting events. 

When the High Point CVB recommends service providers, it is critical that visitors are directed to venues and providers that are committed to providing excellent service, quality, and food and beverage products to ensure guests have a wonderful and memorable experience.

Only those providers who are willing, able and committed to providing this high level of quality and service should request to be a member of the High Point CVB’s Preferred Member Program.

If a service provider is interested in joining this program, please contact Nancy Bowman, Marketing & Communications Manager or Gillian Dobbins, Group Sales & Services Manager at 884-5255.  

Submitted by Nancy Bowman

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