Big Changes – Big Results Families and Local Economy are Top Beneficiaries of Science Center

GREENSBORO, NC -- The 2013-2014 fiscal year was record-breaking for the Greensboro Science Center, thanks to its supporters, donors, members, staff and volunteers. The Center saw a 111% increase in general attendance over the previous fiscal year. Over 430,000 visitors came through the doors representing 98 North Carolina counties and all 50 states. The Center's previous attendance record occurred in 2010-11 with over 320,000 visitors, in part due to the blockbuster Bodies Revealed traveling exhibit. Seeing this record attendance is humbling and brings happiness to a team that worked hard to bring the Carolina SciQuarium to fruition.

"I don't know what to say other than "Thank you"," said Kevin Baker, chair of the Greensboro Science Center's Board of Directors.  "Thank you to the incredible staff with the enthusiasm, imagination and foresight to provide for the continuous reinvention of this amazing place; thank you to a Board of dedicated individuals who give selflessly of their time, expertise, and other resources to help guide and achieve the strategy of the GSC; thank you to the City of Greensboro for supporting this near perfect example of public-private partnership, and last but far from least; thank you to all those who have given generously, and enabled the Greensboro Science Center to become what it is today."

Thanks to voters and donors, the Center's first expansion project, which included the Carolina SciQuarium, is playing a vital role in bringing visitors from across the country to Greensboro. As the Center continues to grow and draw more and more visitors, Greensboro's many great attractions and assets all combined will help re-brand our community as an even more dynamic and vibrant place to visit and live.

An economic impact study completed before the 2009 bond by Dr. Andrew Brod projected the Center would generate $25M per year economic impact following the completion of the Center's full Master Plan. Based on visitation following just the first phase, those initial projections are already applicable. The Center has now set its sights on generating $30-$40M per year in economic impact with the completion of museum reinvention and renewal and zoo expansion, which entails the construction of a new realm called "The Rainbow River Gorge."
- A Press Release

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