Jingle Mob Highlights Locally Owned Businesses for Holiday Shopping

Twenty locally owned businesses will host Jingle Mob events on December 9th to celebrate Buy Local Season.

"To enhance this year's holiday shopping festivities,Triad Local First 
(TLF) is encouraging shoppers to shop at locally owned businesses. As a way to bring attention to these unique shops and businesses, TLF is sponsoring Jingle Mob on Tuesday, December 9, 6:00-8:00 p.m. Jingle Mob will highlight twenty of TLF's 255 businesses so that shoppers can have some fun as they "Buy Local".

Locally focused spending has surged over the past few years due in part to organizations that promote local economies. In the Triad, Triad Local First has been working toward this mission for almost five years. "Our ultimate goal is to shift the public mindset to thinking local first. That way we keep more money in the community to create more overall prosperity," says Luck Davidson, Executive Director of Triad Local First. "And these businesses are unique...no cookie cutter concepts, so they help our community develop its unique flavor."

Jingle Mob retailers will offer goodie bags, door prizes and much more. They will stay open "late" and have promised everything from special discounts, drawings, gift cards, cookies, wine, to hot cider and prosecco. 

"Once the light bulb goes on as to the importance of thinking local first...people never go back to their old ways of spending. It's so easy to support locally owned businesses once your thinking shifts...and we encourage folks to check out the directory of 255 locally owned businesses that are listed on our website." Everything from food to beverages to lawyers and dentists, accountants and realtors...find them in the Triad Local First online directory at www.triadlocalfirst.com.

In turn, these businesses often seek the services of other local businesses to run their daily operations. They also give back in large measure to local charitable organizations and events.

The national localist movement momentum is increasing in communities across the country. Research organizations such as Civic Economics in Chicago, have conducted studies to measure the impact of the localist movement throughout the United States. In Grand Rapids, Mi., they found that for every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $73 remains in the local economy. However when the same $100 is spent at a national chain store, only $43 remains in the local economy. And localism is beginning to have an impact on tourism. When people travel, they look for the local businesses that make a community unique. Locally owned restaurants, breweries, and shops are gaining greater awareness from weekend travelers.

Get your family and friends together for this extraordinary holiday event on December 9.  Imagine having a large portion of your holiday shopping finished, while also having the opportunity to meet the owners and employees of local businesses that are opening their doors just for you.

For more information on the locations and offerings of Triad Local First and Jingle Mob, please visit www.triadlocalfirst.com/jinglemob."

- A Press Release

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