Police respond to suspecious package at Red Lobster

"On Jan. 30 at 10:43am Winston-Salem Police Officers responded to the Red Lobster Restaurant, 1609 Westbrook Plaza Dr., on a reported suspicious package.  A small black suitcase was located lying in the natural area in front of the business.  The suitcase was not present when employees first arrived at the business. The suitcase had what appeared to be a white or gray wire hanging out of the suitcase with no other markings.

Upon arrival, the area was blocked off and personnel at the restaurant were evacuated.  The business was not open, so there were no customers present. Personnel with the Hazardous Materials Squad responded as well as EMS and fire department personnel.  It was later determined that the suitcase was actually empty except for a clothes hanger which was protruding from the side. At this point the restaurant was opened for business. 

The owner of the suitcase was never identified.   It appears to have been inadvertently left at this location."

- A Police Report

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