Summerfield Elementary Students Donate 800 Pairs of Shoes

Donated shoes will benefit people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

"Greensboro, N.C. – Students at Summerfield Elementary are helping put shoes on the feet of more than 800 children in the Congo.

The students collected the shoes for the Ntibonera Foundation throughout the school year after hearing from the Ntibonera family, refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The family experienced poverty and civil war firsthand, and now they are working to collect 10,000 pairs of shoes and deliver them to people in their home country. Most of the people in the Congo who have no shoes suffer from a parasite called jiggers that burrow in the foot and make standing and walking very painful.

“It is encouraging to see the Summerfield students excited about giving to others in a real and tangible way,” says Jill Walsh, principal at Summerfield Elementary. “The students were genuinely concerned and worked hard to donate to the cause. These are the lessons that will last a lifetime and help build adults that continue to think about the needs of others worldwide.”

Anyone interested in donating funds or shoes to the Ntibonera Foundation can visit their website here:"

- A Press Release

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