Celebrate Independence at Historic Bethabara Park

"Winston-Salem, NC - Celebrate the birth of the nation in the birthplace of Winston-Salem. On Sunday, June 27, from 10:00 am-1:00 pm, Historic Bethabara Park will Celebrate America's Independence with a day of music, food and entertainment.

This year's Celebration of Independence has been moved from its traditional Sunday afternoon timeslot to Saturday morning in an effort to make it more family friendly.

Events for the day will include an appearance by one of the world's oldest stilt walkers, Uncle Sam on Stilts, a falconry demonstration, wagon rides, colonial trade demonstrations and more.

The schedule for the Celebration is:
10:30-    Reading of Declaration of Independence
11:00-    Bethabara Concert Band Performance
12:00     Liberty Pole

Admission to the event is  free but concessions, including two bit ($.25) ice cream cones,  will be available for purchase.

Historic Bethabara Park is the home of one of the nation's first Independence Celebrations. On July 4, 1783, the town of Bethabara joined Bethania, and Salem to host the first documented independence celebrations in North Carolina, after the end of the War for Independence. Research indicates that these Moravian communities joined Boston, MA and Charleston, SC as possibly the first places in the new nation to hold a public day of thanksgiving signaling the end of the American Revolution.

Historic Bethabara Park, a National Historic Landmark, is the 1753 site of the first Moravian settlement in North Carolina and the birthplace of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. For more information, visit ww.bethabarapark.org or call (336) 924-8191."

- A Press Release

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