Downtown Greensboro Inc. Unveils New Logo

"Greensboro, NC (October 20, 2015) Downtown Greensboro Incorporated has a new logo symbolizing the strength and bold future of the downtown.

“Our mission is to support and boost downtown Greensboro. The new, bold logo represents the clear focus on downtown,” states new Downtown Greensboro Incorporated President Zack Matheny.

The new logo includes a simple symbol with a “D” and “G” highlighted in white. "I knew it was important to create a strong, simple logo that can cut through all of the visual noise in our busy world. This logo is quickly recognizable and there is no question what the logo represents," said Jay Jung, principal & partner at Think Create, located in the Graphica building in downtown Greensboro since 1995.

Downtown Greensboro Incorporated’s new logo symbolizes its strong support for downtown. “That is what we do – we support the businesses and residents downtown. We are here to listen to them and communicate better with the community so we can make downtown stronger for everyone,” said Matheny.

“We are excited about everything downtown Greensboro has to offer and its future. We want to get people talking about downtown Greensboro, being a part of its excitement and enjoying our downtown more than ever,” continues Matheny.

About Downtown Greensboro Incorporated - Downtown Greensboro Incorporated (DGI) is an economic development organization focused on stimulating investment and activity in the center city. DGI’s primary focus is to lead the development of Downtown Greensboro as a prosperous and vibrant urban center, memorable and meaningful for those who choose to live, work, play and invest here.
For more information, contact Downtown Greensboro Inc. at or 336.379.0060"

- A Press Release

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