Firesheets, Meachum and Rowe to sign books, share thoughts

"Local writers Tina Firesheets, Logie Meachum and Jeri Rowe will take the stage at the Greensboro Historical Museum on Sat., Nov. 14 at 3 p.m. to share their contributions to 27 Views of Greensboro: The Gate City in Prose & Poetry and sign books. 

27 Views of Greensboro is an anthology about the city once known for textile mills and as a train hub, now known for diversity, education and sports. Twenty- seven journalists, novelists, poets and essayists offer a broad and varied picture of the Southern city—from the city's brief stint as capital of the Confederacy to stories of its famous and less well-known civil rights protests, from reflections on Greensboro's overwhelming growth to a profile of the man who created Vicks VapoRub.
The authors appreciate Greensboro's cultural richness and vitality, yet do not shy away from its ongoing struggles: cultural, political and economic. 27 Views is "part personal history, part fact, part fiction, part reminiscence, part advocacy, part deconstruction, part inquisition, part celebration," says Marianne Ginger, the novelist and almost-lifelong resident who writes the book's introduction. "In delightfully variant voices, these 27 writers deliver a chorus of resonant impressions, insights and clear-eyed truths about Greensboro as they have known it."

27 Views of Greensboro is one of eight books in Eno Publishers' award- winning "27 Views" series that features the literary communities of contemporary North Carolina towns and cities. 

- A Press Release

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