GCS Employee Honored as a State Historian

N.C. Society of Historians awards Linda Willard with the Barringer Award for Excellence

"Greensboro, N.C. – Students in Guilford County not only have the benefit of learning from their teachers, but from all of the employees in their school. At Penn-Griffin School for the Arts, that includes an award-winning historian.

Linda Willard works as office support for the school during the day and then works as a historian in her free time. That work recently earned her the Barringer Award for Excellence from the North Carolina Society of Historians.

The award is given to historians doing outstanding or unusual work on behalf of North Carolina history, genealogy or preservation. Willard has written three books and contributes to Carolina Trees and Branches, a genealogical and history magazine for Northeastern North Carolina.

At Penn-Griffin, Willard uses her expertise to give tours of the school and gives guest presentations to classes about everything from the Quakers to the history of the school.

“I love history, researching and writing about history,” says Willard. “I also love sharing the interesting information that I find with the students at Penn-Griffin School for the Arts.”

Willard was one of four historians honored with the Barringer Award for Excellence this year. The North Carolina Society of Historians also recognized seven of her articles with D.J. Smithwick awards.

Penn-Griffin School for the Arts is one of 54 magnet programs offered in Guilford County Schools, and one of several programs with a focus on arts education. The school, along with many others will hold its final Magnet Monday event of the year on Monday, Dec. 14 from 8:45 to 10:30 a.m. Magnet Mondays allow students and families to tour and learn more about the various choices offered by GCS. For a complete schedule, click here."

- A Press Release

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