Home Built By Students to Go Up for Auction

Students at Weaver Academy will auction
home for a minimum $39,000

Greensboro, N.C. – A house built by students at Weaver Academy is going up for auction.

Building trade students build the entire house from start to finish, giving them real-world and hands-on experience in a career they’re interested in pursuing.

“This project gave our students the opportunity to experience the type of work they’d be asked to perform on the job,” explains Bob Gantt, director of Career and Technical Education (CTE). “Now, when they apply for a job or college, they will be able to put this on their resume and stand out from other applicants who may not have that same experience. We try to encourage this type of project for all of our CTE courses whenever appropriate.”

The house will be sold at auction with a minimum bid of $39,000 through Dave’s Auctions. It is 1,430 square feet with three bedrooms and two baths. The kitchen is complete with cabinets, but no countertops, and the bathrooms include tubs and vanities. The new owner will need to install floor covering, appliances, water heater, HVAC, ceiling and floor insulation, faucets, toilets, kitchen sink, counter and closet shelves.

The money from the auction will be used to buy materials to build a new home next year.

Building trade classes are part of the Architecture and Construction career cluster, one of 14 career clusters offered by GCS. Other clusters include Communications, Finance, Logistics, Manufacturing, Marketing and more. Various CTE courses are offered at GCS high schools and almost all are available to any GCS student through Weaver Academy. Students and parents are encouraged to investigate all the options GCS offers to find the best fit for them. For more information on CTE, click here.

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