Police Receive Reports of Indecent Exposure at School Bus Stops

"GREENSBORO, NC  (April 21, 2016) – Greensboro police have increased patrols around school bus stops looking for a man or men who have reportedly been exposing themselves to young girls as they wait for their buses to arrive.
            The most recent reports were received April 18 and April 19. Witnesses reported that a four door dark blue or bluish-green vehicle drove up to the bus stop at the intersection of Rayston Dr. and Woodmere Dr. at approximately 8:15 am both days. The witnesses told police that the vehicle pulled over next to the bus stop, the driver exposed himself to the students and began fondling himself. Witnesses state that the vehicle windows were open both times.
            The driver was described as a heavy-set dark-skinned black male with a partial beard. His head was shaved on both sides with hair on the top of his head.
            Police received an earlier report of a similar incident at a school bus stop at 17th St. and Holmes Rd the morning of March 3, 2016. Witnesses could not provide a vehicle description, but described the driver as middle to heavy-set dark-skinned black male with low cut hair and a beard and mustache.
            Due to the age of the witnesses, detectives are encouraging people to report any suspicious activity around school bus stops immediately by calling 911.
            Police recommend that parents talk with their children and explain that it is inappropriate and unlawful for an adult to willfully expose his or private parts in a public place and in the presence of any other person. Should children witness this act, they should run away, make noise to attract attention to themselves and the suspect, and tell a trusted adult immediately. 

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 336-373-1000 or text the tip to 274637 using the keyword badboyz. All calls to Crime Stoppers are completely anonymous, and may result in a reward up to $2,000."

- A Police Report

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